Friday, July 16, 2010

Post Much?

Not lately!
Forgive the long absences and lack of pictures.
I am spending the summer in front of my laptop staring at spreadsheets and maps as we try to spread the name of our candidate~ Jim Rutledge~ far and wide in Maryland.
It is a challenge and there is so much riding on everything that needs to be done for the whole campaign.
I am only working on a small piece of the puzzle, but if everyone gives their all, it will hopefully have a lasting effect.

So, my hands hurt and my neck is out beyond anything I have ever felt before. I am supposed to be taking some high powered muscle relaxers and pain pills, but the possibility of NEEDING those things has made me think twice.
I am going to go buy another pillow and see if that helps.
I have to stop working so late, but if I do that then I have to work all day, and then the boys won't get any summer at all.

Well, anyway, that's my explanation for being such a bad blogger.
I'll be back at it when life slows down...if that ever happens.

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