Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Grace of A Fresh Perspective...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with a young mom that is planning to homeschool her children. Her son is four and her daughter is two.
She was asking about what she should be doing, right now, as she begins the journey through their education.
It was so refreshing to go back to the beginning and have a chance to look forward with someone, as I am in the middle of teaching the boys.
I love what we are doing, but the early years are so much fun!
I was talking to her about all the different styles for teaching and learning, the things that are great about boys and girls with the different ways that they think, and all the great ways to start a little boy on the path, to give him the joy of lifelong learning.

As I was talking to her, I found myself getting more and more excited about next year. I started thinking about the ideas I have for Science and History. I want to get our books and start planning our months.
I am hopeful that we will be able to do a lot more field trips and activities locally. Maggie will be fine in her kennel for longer periods so on "field trip" days, we can go for a few hours at a time.
I want to do a unit on Maryland State History. We have such a rich history here in this state.
We could also do a unit on the local flora, since we are going to be doing a book on plants for Science. Maybe a couple of months on the plants in and around the bay.

It's just really important to stand back and re-evaluate the many, many good things about homeschooling. The books are important to get through. We have to get through the Math, Spelling and Grammar, but there are so many ways to experience the world around us.

I am going to have to get online and mine for the best materials I can find this week and next.
Then I can order them and when they come I get to start the process of planning how we will use them and what how all the components will fit together.
I would love to have a "retreat" with the other moms in our group for praying, planning and formulating the coming year.
I just don't have time to plan for it. I can't put something like that together right now.

It will be great to get together with my new young friend. It is so important for homeschoolers to reach out to each other. She needed information on how to get started. She was so appreciative of what I was able to share about our local community and the things that she can do with her son this year to start his education. I think, though, that I may have more to be grateful for. That conversation set my wheels turning. It got me thinking about the coming year and the joy that I find in my vocation.

So thanks to all you young, growing families. You are the future of homeschooling and you bring to the more seasoned moms a breath of vitality and wonder.

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Laura O said...


I really enjoy mentoring roles and being able to help others as those who walked the path before me have done for me.

Enjoy the curriculum browsing. Even though I've got plenty that the boys can do in house already, I have a growing list of things I still need (mostly Catholic materials!)