Sunday, June 27, 2010

This Is Your Chance...

So how IS that hope and change working out for you?
Is the tingle still running up your leg?

I actually don't know anyone personally that had that sensation as Chicago bullied it's way into Washington. I've just heard things....

I do know that we are now at the brink of an opportunity to ensure that freedom and liberty will prevail in this country for future generations.
I don't think I have seen a more politically active time in my lifetime.
This country is ripe for the harvest of authentic American values.
We have it within reach....

But not yet in our grasp.
We are climbing a very steep mountain and we are almost within reach of the summit, but we are not quite there yet and without the resolve and fortitude of EVERYONE who loves this United States, we may stumble, fall and never regain this position.

We have to press on. We have to be very careful, very persistent and very, very active.
We can not rest.

The upcoming midterm elections are critical for the life of this country as we know it. We have to take back what has been given up.
Two years ago people thought it was OK to elect a man with no experience to the highest office in the land. They thought it was OK to send an army of liberals with a Socialist agenda to Congress to redirect the country into debt and disruption.
Many of those people just believed the party line that they heard on the news.
Many of those people couldn't believe that it really mattered who is in the White House, aren't they all the same?
Many of those people were surprised.

So here we are, a year and a half into one of the most disastrous administrations ever to bludgeon it's way into the highest level of the greatest country in the world.

The majority of the people that live and work and raise their families as Americans are feeling the brunt of a lot of change with very little hope.
There are a certain number of people that have decided that they just aren't going to sit still for it.
I am one of those people.
I am not going to sit this one out, while the new aristocracy parties and golfs it's way to the new world order.
I have decided to be as politically active as I can manage to be and still maintain my home and family.
If there are enough people that insist on a return to the principles and ideals that made this country great, then we will get the information to the voters and show them that there is an alternative.
It takes all of us though. It really does. Anyone can make phone calls, set up an information night to share information on real American candidates.
Endorse a candidate on Facebook, or your blog, or put up a yard sign.
Put a bumper sticker on your car, and most importantly have the facts and information that you need to convince people that we are on the road to a place we do NOT want to go (can you say Europe?) and that we have an opportunity at this time in history to turn a corner.

If we are complacent and do nothing, we can't complain when we see our freedoms stripped away a piece at a time and our children forced to live an austere existence.
We can't have it both ways. The time is passing quickly and the election will be upon us.

Please...I love this USA and I want it to remain the greatest nation on Earth. Help.

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