Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh Friday...

We've come to the end of another week. And what a week it's been.
Tim was in Kentucky all this week. He had to have a birthday in Kentucky!
Yes, Tuesday was his birthday and we are going to celebrate tonight. The boys and I went shopping yesterday, and we picked up a few things, I have another plan though, it's just going to take a while to get it here. I am making his birthday dinner tonight though.

Tuesday we had a very busy day. I got my hair cut off, which always feels so good! I am just too cheap to keep going and getting it cut! So I am enjoying it immensely for the time being.
Brendan had his last Gymnastics session. I fought with my camera throughout the whole thing, but I did get a few pictures. Brendan enjoyed the gym. He is very strong and well coordinated and it seems like a good sport for him. I am hoping he will continue the next session.

Wednesday was a long day of work for me. Trying to get caught up on things that I needed to do for the pool club and the Rutledge Campaign. I still have a lot to do on that.
Lilly came over in the afternoon and we went shopping for Tim. That was probably not the best use of our time...
We came home, I fixed dinner and Lilly ate broccoli until I thought she would turn green!
She played with Maggie for awhile until Maggie was exhausted and crashed. Then Lilly went down to hang out with the boys in the basement.

Yesterday the big news was that, with the help of one of the wonderful Gurus at Homeschool Tracker, I got my files sorted out and got the tracker back to where it needed to be and I hadn't lost any data! Praise the Lord!
Now I just have to fill in my review sheet and get the paperwork ready and I am good to go for getting the year wrapped up.
I don't think I am going to be able to get to a conference this year, which is a bummer, and I need to make a decision on Science for John.

I am just loving summer!
It is so nice to get up in the morning and take Maggie out into the yard and feel the fresh air.
It's warm and just my favorite time of day. I can sit outside and listen to the birds...
The boys are loving sleeping in and so the house is quiet for an hour or so.

So the week comes to a close. I have a day of cooking and cleaning ahead, but that's actually kind of nice. I enjoy just being here and working around the house.

We got another load of veggies this week and I want to try a couple of different recipes. The cabbage was beautiful, and I am not a real fan of cooked cabbage but I did find a recipe that I might actually like. I am positive the boys will balk, but they can at least try it.

Tomorrow is John's birthday. 12!
He is just such a nice kid.
He already got his new bike, and he also got a hood and light for his fish tank. It looks really nice!
This completes the "Birthday Run" for our immediate family. Whew!

Well, lots to do before Tim gets home!

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