Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday, Rest Day

The past week has been absolutely overwhelming with campaign work.
We have a wonderful candidate, and we are going to put signs in as many visible locations across the state as we possibly can.
I have been staying up til midnight most nights working on various aspects of this job.

So today is Sunday and one thing that is great about working for a Christian candidate is that he understands that Sunday is Sacred.
So I am getting ready for Mass, spending time with the family.
Paul and I have rehearsal today, and that will be nice, but we don't have another Sunday rehearsal until the end of July, and that makes for some real Summer Sundays!

We are hoping to get away at some point for a little vacation.

Tim and I worked on installing the invisible fence in the backyard yesterday. The wire is buried and now I just have to place the flags. Tomorrow I will start training her and in a few weeks she will have a safe place to run and play without a leash. That will be so nice.
I am confidant that the fence will work well for her because she is very quiet and compliant. If she understands what we want, she will always try to please.

The boys are enjoying sleeping in and not having schoolwork (except Piano).

Have a BEAUTIFUL Sunday!!

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