Friday, June 4, 2010

Doggone Delectable...

So I thought I would find something for Maggie at Target. A treat that would last. Something to keep her occupied while she has to be in her kennel if we are gone.
I thought I had found the perfect thing...

This is the chew that will give her hours of pleasure...and it's healthy! So what if it cost a fortune, it would be around for a long time, right? I got the "Souper" size!
What a find!
So, since I had to go downtown for an hour or so, I put her in her kennel WITH her chew, and left the house.
Well, the event that I was supposed to be attending, First Fridays, was rained out and I left after I had put in about 1/2 an hour.

I got home, and went in to get Maggie and take her out. I opened the kennel and she stood up. I looked in, thinking that I would take out the chew until she had to go in again.
I gave a quick look through the bedding. Not there.
Next I looked under the bed. Not there.
I pulled everything out...NOT there.
I looked at Maggie, the only place left that it could be. She had eaten the WHOLE thing in 1/2 hour!! She wandered over, drank some water and then wanted to play. Like, this is something she would do every night if she got the chance.
I kept waiting for her to erupt at either end. Nope, she was totally herself.
So we are sticking with the old Nylabone.
I am quite impressed with her tenacity and perseverance, but I can't afford to indulge it.
Next time I'll just buy her a cow.

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