Sunday, July 25, 2010

Must Put on My Teacher Hat...

With all the campaign work and a dozen other things to think about on a regular basis, I haven't had much time to plan the next school year.

I really have to get to it, because Summer is more than half over, and time is flying. Before I know it, it will be the end of August and I won't even have ordered my books!
I have been waiting until payday to order, because I will have my credit card at under control and then I can pay it off right away. I order almost everything online and I think I can find most of it pretty quickly.

I am trying to get John set up with some books that he can not only get a lot from, but also enjoy.
We are looking at a Math series called "Life of Fred". This is a truly novel approach to math. Visit the link and you'll see what I mean!
It's written like a story. I think John would enjoy it and it sounds like kids with a good foundation in math can make really good progress with it. It doesn't have a lot of drill, so if I had a child with any sort of Math issue, I would probably want something with more problems per lesson. John does very well in math, and actually Brendan and Paul are even more math minded, so I think these would be good for all of them. I am going to ask a couple of "Math people" to look at all three of the Math books that I am considering to see what they think.

We have a chance for the kids to participate in some of the classes at Good Shepherd School.
I would love for them to be able to take Spanish and possibly Music in a group. The school really wants to add language, and they are going to try an after school program. That would be perfect for us.

I want all the boys to do more formal writing again this year. John and Paul love to write, but they really need to learn different formats. Brendan doesn't really like making up stories, but he is an excellent typist and he can formulate very well. He just needs to learn to work within the guidelines.

I want to try to have them do a story of their year. It will be like a journal, but they can make up a character and have him doing some fictional things as they record the days events. I think it will make it more fun and help them see how journals can help you look back and remember the important parts of the year.'s such a tough one. I have to settle on a science plan for John, and it is driving me crazy. I don't want him doing science by himself all year. He needs to have the benefit of other kids to bounce things off of and I am hoping that an opportunity will present itself.

English will be Seton. They really do have good workbooks. They are tough and rather dry, but they do really teach the fundamentals.
Spelling will be Seton too. It's the same one they have been doing for years and I am happy with it.

So tomorrow I will do my research to find the materials that will fit the plan that is gradually forming. It's an evolution.

So I'll put things up as I find them. It's always exciting to discover the path we will take for the year.

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