Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Hot One

It's been in the upper nineties to over 100 this week. I cannot understand how they did it in the days before A/C! Maggie hasn't been out for a walk because it's even too warm at night. The boys have been going to the pool every day and we will go again tonight. I hope it cools down today, as forecast, because we have a big weekend coming up! It's John's 13th birthday on Sunday. Today we will probably go out to get his gift. He thinks he wants a Playstation that does all kinds of stuff. He may hold out and try to save a bit more for something even better.
He is also getting a surprise tomorrow morning. Hopefully he will get a few pictures for me to post.
Tomorrow is the Strawberry Festival at the church. We are going to help out for the day, and then John will go and spend the night with Jerry Andrews. They are sharing a birthday weekend.
Sunday we will probably be at the pool most of the day, weather permitting.
John shares his birthday with Pentacost this year. That is pretty special! Turning 13 on Pentacost, God is good. John is such a great kid! I love his sense of humor and the way he thinks.
Well, we are off to Mass. Today is the end of the year Mass for Good Shepherd school. We are going to tag along. It's the end of the year for us too!

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