Thursday, June 2, 2011

You Know That Nightmare.....

...where you take your dog, all fluffy and hairy, to the groomers for a bath, and when you come to pick her up she has been shaved bald from nose to tail?

I lived that bad dream today.

Maggie needed a good bath and brushing, and she also needed her yearly vaccines, so I thought I would get it all done the same day.
I called and made an appointment, and provided explicit instructions as to what we wanted. Twice.
They said they would do a Golden Retriever trim, and get rid of all the winter undercoat. Just what I wanted. Great.

It's usually just a couple of hours and she is ready. So I was kind of surprised when I called and they said that she wouldn't be ready until 3:00.
At 3:00 I was there to pick her up. I knew she would be very glad to see us!

I paid, and the woman at the desk told one of the assistants to go back and get Maggie.
I was waiting at the door, and when she opened it, out walked this Golden dog, SHAVED BALD!
When I saw her, my stomach dropped to the floor. I was stunned. All that beautiful golden, flowing hair...gone! ACK!

I gathered my wits and swallowed, and looked at her more closely. Wait. This dog was not leaping all over me, and seemed a little confused. In addition to that she had a mask on her face like an older dog.
She was apparently a Maggie, but not MY Maggie.
I looked at the lady at the desk, and said "Ummm, this is not Maggie." The assistant said "Yes it is!" The lady at the desk looked over the counter, quite surprised, and said "Oh! That's the wrong Maggie!"
Both the wrong Maggie and I were very relieved.
The girl went back into the grooming area to try again, and this time she came out with our darling girl, all bathed and brushed and smelling sweet!!

She is so happy to be home!  Somewhere there is another Maggie, shaved for the summer, who is very happy to be home with her family as well.

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