Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day was Great!

Yesterday was really the most relaxing day that we have had, as a family, in months.
We had gone to Mass the night before, because the boys had to serve, and so we all slept in, had a leisurely breakfast and then I went to the store to get the things we needed for a cookout.

After I got home, we all got ready to go to the pool. The weather was perfect, not too hot, but sunny.
The boys were happy because our friends, the Andrews, came over to swim and they all had a great time diving.
Tim was happy, because he had a chance to rest!
It was so good not to have anyplace to go at any specific time.

When we got back from the pool, Tim got the grill going, and I pulled everything out and took it all down to the back patio. I grilled burgers, and we had an outdoor feast. It was so nice out and there weren't even any bugs to speak of. The boys all came back in the house, and Tim and I enjoyed sitting out on the patio enjoying the yard. The groundhog family all came out and had their dinner. We counted three.
It was just so nice. I am now motivated to make it even nicer out there.

Last night we were tired but we felt refreshed. It was a good tired.
This week I am going out to find a bike, and we are going to fix up one of John's bikes for Paul.
Next weekend we can all go riding as a family, and then Tim and I are going to ride downtown for our Anniversary dinner!
We are hoping to get in lots of riding over the summer.

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