Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A person's a Person, no Matter How Small!
 God has given us so much!
Even if all we had were life, and the Eucharist, we would have more than enough.
God's loving care is so evident in our lives, and it is the least we can do to honor Him by sharing His love.
Every year we are called to give witness to the gift of life, at the annual March For Life in Washington DC.
We live too close and we are convicted, in our hearts, that there is no place we can be that will better show forth the dignity of all human life.
I am so proud of my boys!! They got up yesterday morning at 3:15am, and we traveled by train to Washington. We attended the Youth Rally and Mass for Life, and they prayed and offered their presence wholeheartedly. They were exhausted and cold, and they made the march from the Verizon center, all the way to the Supreme Court, with no complaints. Paul even said that it was long, muddy, cold and tiring, but that it was so good to be there!
I can't express how amazing they, and all their friends are.

If there is any hope for a bright future, it is in these young people.

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