Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Little Larnin'

It's going to be a very educational evening!
Tonight John and I are going to be in the virtual front row at a webinar with Regina Doman, a Catholic author, and homeschooling mom.
She has written several novels that have been very popular with the kids in our homeschool group.
The webinar is titled "Which Comes First, the Character or the Plot?"
It's so cool to have a chance to get together in the intimacy of a virtual classroom...

John is currently writing a novel himself, and Giordan Pergola is illustrating it. This is a great opportunity for John to learn from a respected author.
It is so neat to see my boys, John and Paul especially, enjoying the world of writing.
John's story is great! I love the way he is building the characters and the combination of humor and action that is going into it. Giordan is so talented, and he can capture the ideas that John is trying to portray so well!
I don't know when it will be finished, but John works at it pretty steadily.
We are going to have to replace the poor, tired old laptop that he is using. It was mine and I passed it on to him a few years ago when I got this one.
Anyway, we will be online tonight to enjoy the blessings of virtual education.
I love technology!!!

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