Saturday, January 7, 2012

What a Weekend!

It is turning into a four star weekend for our unsocialized homeschooling family.

Yesterday we went down to Baltimore, to the St Jude Shrine, for our monthly First Friday
field trip/pilgrimage. It was wonderful! The priest that said mass had a beautiful accent, and his voice was just captivating. That, combined with a fantastic message on the need for Grace in doing God's will, was  like hearing it straight from the Lord himself! We were Blessed to have about six other families there with us, and we all enjoyed visiting in the lower part of the building afterward. We went to the Mall and had lunch with our friends, the Bowers, and then came home.

I fixed dinner for the Hauf family, and was so happy to deliver it and get to hold baby Ricky for the first time. He is a beautiful boy!

After I got home, our boys had their Friday pizza, and I headed over to Bel Air, to work on the casting of "King Lear" with Paula, Larry and Mary. It was really a great time. A lot of work, but I think we came up with a really good combination of talents. I hope the kids will be happy with their roles.
I am really looking forward to working on it this year.

This morning Brendan and Paul were up bright and early so that Tim could drive them over to Timonium for a Laser Tag birthday party. Their friend Daniel has turned 13, and he invited them.
They apparently had a great time! They have been telling me all about it. There were a lot of kids there and it was a nice place.

John is off to the party of another of his friends, Nathan. They went bowling for the afternoon, and then they will go up to Nathan's house for dinner and cake.
Tomorrow we have another great day planned with lots of friends and fun.
I'll take pictures and update tomorrow night.

This afternoon I am taking down the last of the Christmas decorations. I have most everything put away.
I need to get outside and do some cleanup in the yard. I can't believe how warm it is! I am really loving this weather! Maggie and I had a great walk this morning, and I just wore a sweat shirt!

I am looking forward to a nice evening with my loves....

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