Friday, March 15, 2013

Miracles Do Happen...Keep Praying!

Shannon T posted this email today:

Friends, thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Nick Donnelly. His mother just posted this amazing story and I wanted to share it. Please take a few minutes to read will bless your socks off! This is my GOD...He is sooo amazing!!! Michele writes:

Dear friends, thank you for all of your prayers. I know it's because of the the prayers of the believers that Nick is alive today. Here is what happened….
I was about to get into the shower early Wednesday morning. I usually wake the children afterwards. For some reason (now I know it was the Lord) I really felt that I should wake up the boys before my shower. When I went into Nick and Patrick's bedroom I heard a weird snort sound. Patrick then said.."Nick has been snoring like that and kept me awake." Nick never snores, nor was he moving when I tried to wake him. He was facing the wall. I turned him towards me (mom). He was blue-his face and down his chest. I immediately screamed for my daughter to call 911. I felt for a pulse-none. As a nurse I knew that I had to get him to the floor to start compressions…but he was too heavy. I began to cry out for the Lord to help me. I yanked his arm and pulled him to the floor. I again felt for a pulse, none. I began chest compressions. After 100 compressions I felt for a pulse-none. I was trying to stay calm, as my other children were watching. I was begging God to let him live. I started compressions again…this time I got a pulse. He started having pinkish/reddish foam come out of his mouth-pulmonary edema was my first thought. I began mouth to mouth and compressions. His pulse was so faint that at times I wasn't sure it was really a pulse. Finally, the ambulance arrived. We arrived at the hospital and shortly after Nick was intubated, as he could not breath well enough on his own. His heart rate would drop and he barely had a blood pressure. The life flight crew arrived to airlift him to the University of Maryland. I heard one of the flight crew members say.."he'll never make it." BUT I had a waiting room full of people praying! They asked me if I wanted to say goodbye to him. I said "No." Instead, I told Nick…I will see you soon Buddy…hang on. I refused to say goodbye. It's not over until God says it's over…as my family continually reminded me. Upon arriving to the hospital, the doctors said that Nick had severe pneumonia and now his lungs are completely "whited out" and he was diagnosed with ARDS. As an ICU nurse, I know the odds of survival. The doctor wanted to make sure that I was aware that my son might die in the next 24 hours. The ventilator was at the highest possible settings and the doctor said, "Mom, we need a miracle." Well, you can't get a miracle until you need one. And we were desperate! Friends all over the world continued to pray for Nick. As the evening progressed Nick's blood pressure continued to drop…as well as his heart rate. He was assigned two of his own personal nurses who never left his side. After placing Nick on several medications, his blood pressure began to level out. Head CT revealed no head bleed..Praise the Lord! Now the waiting began. They placed him on a cooling protocol to protect his brain….basically they froze him. Throughout the night his vitals began to be more stable. It wasn't long until we got a miracle. Nick, although intubated and unable to speak, mouthed that he loved us. And said "hug me." As a mom, you cannot imagine how my heart felt. The nurses started to cry as I leaned over the bed and hugged him. They took off his arm restraints and placed his arms around me. It was the best feeling in the world! They have since placed a feeding tube, have started the re-warming process, and have been shocked at his recovery thus far. His afternoon chest xray showed improvement in his lungs. They have gradually been changing his ventilator settings in order to prepare him for extubation…now scheduled for Saturday night or Sunday morning. He remains in critical condition, and therefore extremely sick. The nurses are so pleased as he even asked them for a drink and a shower! We are all amazed. But we serve the God of the impossible! Please continue to pray, as he has a long road to recovery (according to the doctors). We are so thankful for all of our friends and family who have not only taken time to lift Nick up in prayer, but have helped with our other children so we can stay with Nicholas. We have also been so blessed with an amazing medical team. God is soooooo good!!
With A Grateful Heart,
Pastors Walter and Michele Donnelly

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