Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Will

In the Old Testament, God gathered His children, made them a nation, and made a Covenant with them.
He told them to cling to the Law of Moses, and stay true to the Faith that He had established in their midst. He walked with them, he gave them some great prophets, a couple of pretty good kings, and He gave them a promise, that someday he would send a deliverer, a Messiah.
The children of Israel started out pretty well, embracing the laws of God and doing His will, but, as we see over and over again throughout these books of the Bible, they allowed themselves to dabble in ways that were not His ways, and dabbling became lifestyle after a couple of generations.
They didn't hold fast to the law and they didn't teach the children.
They didn't have a will for THE WILL.
Over and over, generation after generation, they would complete a cycle starting with the adherence to the Truth and the law,  then they would begin to weaken, they would start to look around at the things that the prevailing culture had and did, and they would begin to embrace those things. They would then fall away from God's commands, and invariably there would be retribution, usually carried out by whoever was running the show politically. Then the children would be brought back to God and they would promise to follow His ways and never stray, and the cycle would begin all over again.

Christ came to a people that had been subjugated, once again, by the latest emperor on the scene. He came, in the fullness of time, to establish the Kingdom and bring the sheep together into one fold. Not just the Jewish sheep, but the gentiles, the pagans, and all those who would come after. The Kingdom is for anyone that hears the Truth of Christ and believes.
He changed the world, but the world didn't change.
He brought the Kingdom, but we are still a "stiff-necked" people. God doesn't withdraw His love and care for His children, but the generations still wander away, embracing the culture, and ignoring the Covenant. These generations have gone beyond not teaching the children. These generations aren't even having the children.

Christ came and established for us a New Covenant, sealed with His blood. He gave us the Holy Spirit, and He built His Church on the rock of Peter. This church was, and is, the Catholic Church. Looking back over the history of the Church we see Christ walking with us, staying with us, and the Spirit guiding us. We see the Church acting on the inspiration of the Spirit and defining for us the way that He wants us to live.
We also see the people of God wandering, meandering back and forth from the Truth, to the world, and back again.

In the last century, we have seen a power arise that has changed the landscape of humanity in a way that could never have been imagined in all the dark dreams of the past.  We have seen the power of de-generation. This dark power has given to humankind the ability to walk a path completely removed from God's loving plan, and once again, His people have embraced it. One of the great leaders of the church, Pope John Paul II, gave this power a name. He called it the culture of death.
We are created in the image and likeness of God. He has given us the great power of creating, with Him, the generations. We generate. That is the great plan of God.
The dark power, that now has the people of God in it's grip, doesn't come with armies and swords to sweep the people into slavery in a foreign kingdom. It comes in the form of chemicals and barriers, and acts within the very bodies of His people, even those that are within His own Church. The people aren't subjugated by outside kingdoms, they are willingly denying God His own. These people now swear allegiance to a new god. The god of "self" and "me" has turned the heads of His people this time.
Our world has become a sterile and God-less place. We see entire nations becoming old and dying off. Japan, Italy, even our own "Christian" America.
We give homage to the idols of "self-image", "self-awareness", "finding myself", "time for myself", and a million other "selves" that have made us so "self-centered" that we now have this deadly power creeping into every aspect of every life.
There is no place for God in a world that has no place for life, and not just the lives that we deign worthy and timely, but every life that God chooses to send into the world.
The scourge of abortion is the high sacrament of this dark power, but the place that the that power is rooted in the sterile bodies of men and women, given willingly to it.
The generations belong to God and He gives us the power and responsibility to generate them.
The father of lies has pulled a veil over the eyes of God's people and convinced them that the sterile god of "self" is the better one to serve.
Until we break the bonds of servitude to self, we will not see the Kingdom.
We have to have a will for THE WILL, as a people, as a Church and as a world, or we will live in a culture of death, and we will live with it's consequences, which are death to the body and the soul.

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