Saturday, October 19, 2019

Louisville Slugger

Yesterday, the first "Tree Guy" came to look at our big old tree in the backyard.

Bill is a real character. He told me so much about that tree, and now I am even sorrier that we have to lose it.
Turns out it is not an Elm, as I always thought, it is a Green Ash, and this kind of tree has some of the best wood! It is the kind of wood that the Louisville Slugger baseball bats are made from.
There's a lot of bats in that ol' tree.
Sadly, "She is shutting down."

He told me all about what it would take to take it down, where the root line is, how strong an adult chimpanzee is, that it won't hit the house if it falls (which I am rather dubious about), how hard tree climbing is on a person's body, and a lot more details totally unrelated to the removal of a Green Ash from a residential backyard.
He was very nice though and he wants to be very helpful. Unfortunately, it sounds like his company doesn't have the equiment needed to take out a tree that big.

It is also going to trash the backyard.


In other news, the Holy Spirit filled Adoration for me, and I had some wonderful prayer time! We had a very special "date night" at the study that is being held at St Patrick's, and today is the retreat portion of that study.

More on that tonight.

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