Monday, October 7, 2019

Monday, Monday

What a day, but so much good in it!

Tim headed to Ohio to visit with his brother, Steve, and to pick up his sister, Jordan, for a visit.
He will be bringing her back here to visit for a few days.

I had a wonderful Bible study this morning. James, Ch 2 is proving to be so very amazing. Not long, but really amazing. 

Then I took Maggie to meet her new doctor. His name is Dr Cullum, and he has a veterinary practice in Belcamp. He says that she looks great. Very healthy and he just set her up with some anti-inflammatory meds to help ease the pain in her hips. I can't wait for her to feel better. She has such a hard time getting up. Her back legs are getting weak.

After we got back home I dropped her off and went down to Adoration.
I had a wonderful prayer time.

I have also registered for another course at the TOB Institute!!
I am so excited! 
These courses are just wonderful and I am so excited to begin teaching what I have been learning.

I took my car over to Weis so that Brendan will have it when he gets off work. I walked home, and the weather was pretty warm, but now it is really windy and the temperature is dropping. 
I really need to find someone to take than tree down....

So I am ending the day watching the SF 49ers make short work of the Cleveland Browns. 

A good day, all in all.

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