Tuesday, October 22, 2019


The last few days have been quiet, although Saturday we were at a seminar until the middle of the day. I had to shop after that, so that the people in the house could eat. They like to do that, for some reason.
Sunday was so nice. It was raining, but we went to Mass early, and then the rest of the day we stayed in and watched football.
The Ravens surprised us by beating the Seahawks, wonder of wonders!

Yesterday I came home after Mass, got the house ready, had Bible Study, went to the Parish office to meet with Marge, and then went to Adoration. I came home and made Buffalo Chicken Chili, and it was fabulous! Yum!
Tim had a meeting, but I got to stay in, and that was wonderful.

Today I went to Mass and then headed over to visit with a good friend who is starting a new business venture. We just had such a good talk.
It was so nice just to sit down, with a cup of tea, and talk about all the "stuff of life" that is happening in our worlds. Women really need to do this, and it seems like we just never take the time. We need that "talking over the back fence" time. Life is too scheduled and too filled with "important" things. How can we meet and have those heart to hearts, where hearts are changed, if we are always meeting to talk about how we can find places to meet so that hearts can change? There always has to be a reason for getting together. I think that this is a very real drawback to the way that we live now, and I want to do something to address it.
We talked about a place and a time to "meet up" where we can do this.
I know that the Holy Spirit is always planting, always nourishing.
I was nourished today.

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