Thursday, October 17, 2019

Just Thursday

Today was a nice, unexpectedly quiet one.

I got going at 5:45 and got my walk and shower done by 6:50.
I got to my prayers before Lilly got up and, as always, the Lord was so good. 
Lilly wanted an egg for breakfast and then she went out and got on the bus. 
I left for Rosary and Mass at 7:40. 
There has been a nice crowd for the Rosary lately! 
Mass was wonderful and then I had a beautiful time of prayer with a dear friend. What a beautiful experience! She has such a sweet spirit. 
I came home and ate breakfast and then headed up to Kimie's. It was just she and I as the rest of the group had other things going on. 
I was supposed to work today at Nancy and Tom's, but I have been coming down with a cold and I didn't want to pass it to Tom. 
Brendan has a bad one, and I am not sure which direction this may be going.
It was my turn to make dinner for the Rankins, so I went to Weis and got the stuff for her favorite Mac and Cheese. I came home, had lunch and then worked on the TOB presentation for awhile. 
I like the way it is coming out. I really hope that April agrees!
I also worked on some email and other things, but I didn't end up writing, which I had on my task list, but I am blogging, so that is a good substitute. 
I did do some thinking about the story as I was working on the presentation, so that's a little progress.
Lilly had a half day and got home pretty early. I ended up taking her home around 2:00.
Around 3:00 I started working on dinner. 
I made roasted caulifower and broccoli, and then I put the mac and cheese together. 
Our dinner was roast beef and potatoes.
I made Tim a little crock of mac and cheese and it turned out really good. Yum.
After I delivered dinner to Kimie, I came home and served up ours. 
Brendan is at TJs so he didn't eat with us, but John moved back down from Nina's today, after staying there for a week to take care of Kalisi. 
Paul came in a bit later, after getting off work at the school.
I finished my portion of his Drexel application today! Go me!
I talked to Laura for awhile. We were making plans for my trip there in a couple of weeks. I am so excited about going there! I can't wait to see those kids! 
So after dinner I did the dishes, and then came in to find something to watch. 
There's a pretty good football game on so I will watch that until I get too tired.
Tomorrow is Adoration. Bliss. 

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