Friday, November 29, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well we are officially into the American holiday season.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful meal with Nina and Lilly and Dougie.
They had to come and eat early because they were making to circuit of Thanksgiving meals, so we ate around 2:00, and it was actually really nice to have the dishes over and done with before 5!
Now we have a fridge full of leftovers and a nice weekend ahead of us.

Laura's family had a nice day at the Walk's in Texas too!

Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent!!
It's hard to believe that we are here and that we have less than a month til Christmas.
I am excited though.

For Christmas, Tim and I are redoing our bedroom. It is time for a makeover and we have never done the floor, so that comes first. The original floor has a huge damaged spot under the bed, and it really is the next floor space that we need to tackle.
We got the flooring, and now we just need to move everything out of the room so that Tim can lay it.
That should only take a day or two, but the other things that we need to do will take longer...

It is so much fun though.
I mean, it is so much fun for me... not sure that I am speaking for Tim....

Sunday is Ravens day. They are playing the 49ers. Hope all goes to their plan.

So, I am going to create a project post, and I will put in pictures as we go along.


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