Thursday, November 14, 2019


This week has been good!

Sunday was a nice day, quiet at home, and with a win for the Ravens!
Monday morning I had Bible Study and I was prepared! We had a very good discussion on James.
The guarding of the tongue and it's power.

There was no Adoration because it was Veteran's Day.

On Tuesday I was home most of the day. The weather has really turned to winter.
It was so cold!! I stayed in and worked on some projects.
Got a lot of laundry done and worked on some things that needed to be done for different ministries at St Patrick's.

Yesterday I started a new Bible Study with some of the ladies in the parish. We had a good discussion.
I have been getting ready to start a new study with our Small group.
We will be doing "Discovering Christ" for the next couple of months. I will be glad to get it started.
It is a really great study!

Today I had a nice coffee with Paula after Mass, and then I went up to Kimie's for our prayer time.
She seems to be doing well! We had a nice talk and some scripture reflection.
I came home and had lunch and then I took Brendan to work and shopped while I was there. I got the stuff for a soup that I wanted to try. It is a Sweet Potato and Sausage soup, and although it is kind of a lot of work, it was worth it! I took half up to Kimie's for their dinner, and we had some here.
I got the kitchen cleaned up, and now I am watching the Cleveland Browns clean their house.
They are playing the Steelers.

Tomorrow I will have Adoration, which I am really looking forward to, and I will go to the book club in the afternoon to discuss "Frankenstein", at least that is the plan for now. I also have The Great Adventure study that I am hosting tomorrow night so I need to come home and get ready for that.

It is looking like a quiet weekend.
I like quiet weekends.

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