Tuesday, November 26, 2019

It's Almost Advent!

Sunday we celebrated the Feast of Christ the King!

It is one of my favorite feast days, because it is a declaration of the true nature of our relationship to Christ. He is the High King of the Universe, and all things are subject to Him.
I love that it is celebrated so close to Thanksgiving, because one of the things that I am most grateful for is the gift of the Catholic church and being a part of the precious Bride of Christ.
There are so many aspects of life that are only understood properly through the lens of the Faith. We are so blest to be able to attend a parish where we are fed and nurtured by our mother, the Church, and we learn how to share this treasure with our community.
St Patrick's is a wonderful "training ground" for people who want to understand better how Christ is drawing us to Himself and is asking us to help Him draw others.
We are building connections and creating a community of Faith, in the tradition of the communities that sprung up in the days of the early Church. What an amazing place to be in this time.
To be in the service of the King during this vital time in history is so exciting.

Thanksgiving is day after tomorrow!
Tomorrow I am going to be spending the day prepping food. It is nice to get as much done as possible before the big day because the oven is going to be used all day long. We have a big turkey.
They didn't have any under 24 pounds when I looked at Weis and I had enough points to get a free one.
Tomorrow I am going to make the mashed potatoes and get them into the crock pot to heat the next day, then I will prep the broccoli, and get it ready to roast. I will roast the sweet potatoes and just heat them up on Thursday.
I will also make the apple pie and the pumpkin dessert.
Brendan has to work until 6 and we are eating earlier, but I told him that I would make him an Angel Food cake so that he can have something that he really likes that day.
Wish he didn't have to work.

On Sunday Advent begins.
We are hearing about the second coming of Jesus at Mass this week. Father is doing a wonderful series at daily mass.
What a time that will be!

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