Friday, November 15, 2019

Going's on..

It's a chilly day out there today, but not as chilly as it is going to be tomorrow!
I got outside and pulled up all the plants and various pots and such.
I had to winterize a few things, like the rhubarb, and trim back the sage and rosemary.
It smells so good!

We have Bible Study tonight. We are going to be discussing Abraham and his Covenant. I love this study! I hope we have a good number of people.
It is so much better to discuss with a nice sized group.

I have been thinking about what to do about work (again. this seems to be a recurring theme.) I have decided to wait until after the TOB course in January, and then I will probably look at a part time job where I can just go to work, do my stuff and come home, and someone else deals with the taxes. Not sure yet, but it would help out around here and I do have the time during the day.
I don't know what the guys are going to end up doing this Spring, but we are one car short, and I need to be available for the one who gets stuck without.

Paul will be waiting to hear from the schools that he has applied to, and then he will have an idea of whether or not he is going away to college in the Fall or just stick around here and go to HCC

OK then, I am going to go have a salad and get to cleaning the kitchen.

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