Saturday, February 8, 2020

Sweet Saturday

Today is Saturday, and so far it's been a very nice day!

I got up early so that I could go down to Cracker Barrel, to have breakfast with a few of the moms in our TORCH homeschooling group.
It was so much fun! There were three of us that have "retired", but we are still interested in all that is going on! After breakfast I went to Walmart to shop for the week.
It is really cold out today!

We are going to Mass this afternoon, and then I am going to come home to make Jambalaya. Brendan and Paul, have Henry here, but John is up in Bloomsburg visiting with Clare.

Last night dad came over to say Good bye. He is heading back to Texas. He has been here for a few weeks, but I know he is anxious to get back to the warmer weather.

Laura will be here next weekend!!
Can't wait!

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