Thursday, February 27, 2020


I'm not doing too well on my blogging committment. Not too well on my writing committment either. Oh well. Moving forward.

I worked yesterday!! I have been working for a very sweet lady, helping her to get organized as she moves into her new house.
She has a beautiful place! She is a very dear soul as well! I really enjoyed working there over the last couple of days.

It is super cold out today! 41 and very windy.

I have been popping in and out of Nina's house for the last couple of days Lilly has the flu and she has been really sick. I really hope that I don't get it. It has laid her out flat. I REALLY hope that Nina doesn't get it, because she has to go to work.

Molly is gettting ready to have a birthday tomorrow!
Eleven! She is such a lovely girl! I hope that she has a wonderful year!

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