Friday, March 13, 2020

A Wild Week!

Well it has been a bit since I have written and and a LOT has happened.

We are in the midst of a potential health crisis here in the USA, so life has gotten much simpler and more local all of a sudden.

The Corona virus is kind of complicating life for everyone in the country right now, but with all the measures being taken, hopefully it is going to be "starved" into submission very soon.
Maryland only has 12 cases right now, and while there is preparation in the works in the event that many, many people get sick, it seems that what we are doing to mitigate the spread is the best plan of action. It is really the worst for the elderly, and those with compromised systems, and that is a very large part of the population here. So we are cancelling stuff all over the place, and stocking up on reading material. It's all good practice.

I am also waiting to see what the deal is going to be on the van. It was damaged way worse than it looked and it is possible that it may be totaled. Which would be unfortunate, because we are NOT going to be able to get one in that condition for what they will give us. I really do want a van or a small SUV, and I want a Toyota. I want something that will hold up and last, because that car was going to last for many years.

So that's the news around here for now.
The sun is out, the weather is beautiful, and I am heading out for a walk!

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