Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Lion is Roaring

Went for a walk yesterday

It's one of those days that gives March it's reputation.
Very cold and windy! It probably won't get above 45 today and it won't feel like it at all.

A good day to stay inside! I have been running every day, so I am very happy for a day to just stay in and get a lot done.
I shopped yesterday, and the store was mobbed. Everyone stocking up I guess.
Well, I did the same thing. Having Amazon delivering the basics regularly is great because we always have enough toilet paper!! We also have dog food, paper plates and other things in storage.
If this virus gets people in such a panic that the store shelves are empty, at least we are a little bit ahead.
The Covid-19 virus is all that people can think about right now. It has people in a panic, and the media is having a field day. People are glued to every news source and they believe whatever they read.
I'm not saying that it isn't serious, but I think people have a lot of misunderstanding and the media is notoriously irresponsible.

AND...something is to speak.

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