Friday, March 20, 2020

Stay-At-Home Projects

I get why Home Depot is doing a pretty good business in this difficult time.
Everyone is home and they are all looking around at those projects that they have been wanting to get done, and now they have the time. No one really has the money, but lots of things can be done on the cheap.
We are doing a very small project on the cheap.
We are building a fire pit on the slab in the back yard, so that we can have bigger fires than we can up here by the house.
Ever since we built the deck, building roaring fires has made me nervous, but I love them!
We have the nice flat slab in the back yard and we don't use it for much, so we are putting a small, square pit in. It will be fun to burn all the junk wood we have around here. Just have to let things warm up a bit. It is really freezing out today.

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