Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St Patrick's Day...

....Weirdly speaking.

No parades, no bars, no gatherings of any sort, no Mass, just a mad scramble for a piece of corned beef and some cabbage. 

The stores are pretty much empty, and the conversation is always about "the virus". In fact the store is where we are all going to see other people now.
It's like the old days when the market was where you went to catch up on all the gossip.
There is no other place for it!

We are going back to a slower time, that's for sure.
We are getting a lesson in what it means to stop. Literally. On a national level.
I went to the church because we have been saying the Rosary every morning at 8:00 with the Blessed Sacrament exposed.
This morning the Monstrance wasn't there.
We can't have things at scheduled times because too many people might come.

I mean, it isn't crazy, but it's just the oddest thing.

Everything is all of a sudden totally different. Upside down. Backwards.

I am not too worried yet, because I think that there is a plan to get things back to normal after a couple of weeks, but I have been seeing some really worrisome articles. Now I know the news banks on worrisome, so I take it all with a grain of salt, but if any of it is actually accurate....it may be more than a couple of weeks.

Thank you Jesus for your presence here. Life would be far too uncertain without You!!

Went for a very nice walk today though and that was an amazing mood lifter!

The Lockhouse and Bridge

God is still in His Heaven....it can't be that bad.

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