Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Boiler 2.0

 Well, the guy who came to fix the boiler, didn't.

It is once again on the fritz and we are hoping that our friend Dan will have some input and possibly the problem will be clear to him. 

All I know is that the house is cold and there are no showers until we get this figured. It's March and the temps are definitely still in the winter range. 

Yesterday I did the paperwork on the new car and finished removing the old cars from the insurance policy. There is a lot to do that I hope I don't have to do again for a long time. I hope the two cars we now have last a very long time, and that Tim can avoid having to do a bunch of work on them. Ever. 

We had a Respect Life meeting last night, and we talked about some things that we want to see happen as we move into the post-Covid time in the coming months. Once we are cleared to gather again, we want to have a Baby Shower for Birthright, and a baby bottle drive. We would love to be able to offer food again. 

There are so many other things that have been halted and it is long past time to get back to them. Gathering with other families has to start up again. Our community needs each other! 

Boiler Update: I have no idea what they are doing down there, but it doesn't sound good....

Update: Still no noise coming from the boiler, but they think they know what the problem is. Now it's a matter of finding the part. However...it's pretty darn cold. Guess I'll be showering at Nina's tomorrow.

Update: The house is WARM! There is hot water! Praise the Lord and thank you Tim and Dan Weber!!!

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