Tuesday, March 30, 2021


 Today has already been interesting.

God gives us so many choices each day and the choices we make are so important. 

Do I stay in bed or go to Mass? Do I head straight home, or go over to talk to the friend who seemed to be struggling at Mass? Do I go straight to my work, or take time to chat with my family?

It seems like those should be easy to answer, so why do I ever equivocate? Why do I ever choose the one that isn't where God would have me?

Today I think I may have made better choices, but my default is not that direction. Please God, help me to see You, hear You, find You in the situations that I find you putting before me. Help me to make the loving choice.

I do have a lot to do, but if it isn't God's work, it's just busy work.

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