Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Spring Around the Corner!

 Today was just gorgeous! 

The temperature got up to almost 60 degrees! 

I swept the deck, and took a walk in only a sweatshirt. It was just so nice to dress lightly and have the sunshine warming everything up. 

Lilly went to ride Ivy and the ring had dried out and was nice for footing. I thought Ivy was a very well behaved young lady, but I don't think that Lilly agreed with me.

After I got back I went and grabbed a rotisserie chicken and some oven fries. I didn't have much time before Mass and Adoration, which was wonderful, and then we had a great Bible Study of James right after. 

Tonight I am typing some more of Grandma Maggie's logs. 

We are getting ready for our trip to Georgia to meet-up with the Cooke family! I am so excited! Tim is going to have a blast. We all will! Tim and I are leaving on Thursday afternoon so that we can get to Roanoke VA in the evening and have a shorter drive the next day. That way we can be there for Friday dinner. I am going to take and blog TONS of pictures!! 

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