Thursday, March 4, 2021

 Started doing the taxes today.

I probably should have prayed first. I was pretty cranky, and I wasn't even done. I'll finish up over the weekend. Ugh. 

Lilly is working on two slide shows for school. One is on the Arts and Culture of ancient Greece and the other is on different types of life found in the Susquehanna. I was hoping that it would be more interesting than some of the things that she could be doing. I don't want her to have to just write essay after essay. She is doing well.

Ivy got a good workout today. She gave Lilly a good ride. She was a pill during grooming and tacking up, but she settled down after she get into the ring. I left around 5. I had to get home and get dinner together. 

We had another marriage prep meeting. We are preparing a really great couple. They are open and we have had some really good conversations. 

Tonight Paul is hanging out with John Andrews. It is nice to see John around again. I miss all the kids coming around all the time. 

Tomorrow is going to be a busy one. Lilly doesn't usually have much school on Fridays, but tomorrow will be different. We have a bit to catch up on. Nina's stairs are being repaired tomorrow, or so they say. We'll see. It's only been since Thanksgiving. Lowes really outdid themselves in destroying her house trying to put down new floors. I never blogged that. They actually cut the fronts off of all the stairs, and now the steps are 2 inches to short to meet the building code. There are also multiple problems with the flooring itself, and the trim. I am looking forward to seeing how they plan to fix it. 

Hoping for a nice weekend!

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