Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Maybe not...

OK, I have to correct myself on my last post.
I have been reading blogs and articles and watching videos on YouTube.
I have found many, many sources that are showing me that there is a large contingent of young and very determined people in this country that still love it and want to preserve the vision of the Founding Fathers. To name a few:

Thomas Peters at American Papist.

Creative Minority Report A blog I read regularly.

And this guy, who's name I have missed.

And there are lots more!

No matter who is elected, we are still a country with a basis of belief. There are many, many of us who are not going to just sit back and become the UK, with all due respect to the UK.
The American vision lives in hearts, not on a whim. It is much deeper than the left can imagine.

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Adventures in Georgia: Home Improvements Gone Bananas said...

I LOVE this guy! I copied the video and added it to my MySpace.