Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today was a rainy, blustery, stay-at-home-and-bake kind of day.
How did we spend it?
Hopping from one Soccer field to the next, being blown about and soaked to the skin!
Well, that's a Saturday in October.

Brendan had to be at his field at 8:30 this morning, and actually we were sure when we got up that we would be getting "the phone call" telling us that the games had been canceled. I guess the end of the season is just too close.
Brendan's team got a severe beating. 9-2. Ugh. Well I think it may be the only game they have lost so maybe they needed it for their humility and to sharpen them up for the tournament.
Paul's game was actually canceled, but we didn't know it until Tim got all the way down to Aberdeen and there was no one there.
John's game was looking like it might actually be played without rain, but that was NOT the way it turned out. The wind picked up, the rain was blowing and the field was a muddy mess!
They won though, so that was great for them. I think John had a good time.

After soccer was over we came home for a couple of hours and Tim and I took turns hauling stuff up to the community center to be dumped. This is all the stuff that can't be put out on the regular garbage day. We had a bunch of the old windows and some junk from the garden shed. It's really nice to have that taken care of! Johnny was there on the job, and he was so nice!
Now we have lots more space in the shed for odds and ends that need storage.

We wanted to get to Confession before Mass so we left early. Good thing too. The line was really long! Father Jay had to get out to say Mass, so Tim had to go after.
We went to Mass tonight because tomorrow we are going to some of the churches up in Cecil County to put leaflets on cars for one of the candidates that is running for Congress. I think the boys will enjoy this little part of the process.
I considered going to VA on Monday to see Sarah Palin, but it would be about a four hour drive and we would have to be there by 7:00 am! I can't see that happening.
Sure would be good for the boys to have that experience though.
Tonight they went somewhere with Tim and I had a bit of time alone at home. That's rare enough. It's funny though. I enjoy the quiet sometimes, but I never feel like I need it. I guess the boys are growing up and they are really nice to have around. I don't feel like I need a break the way I used to when they were younger. I enjoy our school time and I enjoy the weekends. Family time is really a pleasure.
So they are home.
I guess I'll go up and see how the adventure was.
I'll take my camera tomorrow and get some pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading all of your news here. It is so wonderful to read all the fun happenings, rainy weather and all. Our October days have been so beautiful for quite awhile. A lovely Fall. Maple trees just glow when the sun is on them. You know only too well how that is.