Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Today was one of those rare, relaxing Sundays that just seem to be made to enjoy.
We all got up late, because the boys camped out in the basement, which meant watching a movie until all hours. Then of course, since they were sleeping in an unusual place, they all got up off and on all night for various reasons. But that was OK because we COULD get up late!

It was Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll day. This is fast becoming a Sunday requirement for John and Paul. Brendan still likes his pancakes. I am a coffee person until 10:00.
I had some household stuff to get done and Tim is still doing odds and ends in the bedroom. He has a few places that he wants to patch on the chair rail, and then of course painting everything we can think of that will need to be painted, before the new carpet gets here.

We got out the door in plenty of time to get to Mass and it was a good thing too, because this is apparently "Catholic Schools Week" and the church was packed! All the kids, teachers and staff plus a few Knights of Columbus and random parishioners. It was a very nice Mass and Father Jay was so proud of his school! It has gone through a rough time over the past year and I think they are finally coming out of it. The new principal seems really well liked and competent.

We got home and I got lunch for everyone and got a little work done on the TORCH website.
I am trying to build a new one, since the old one is through Verizon and is impossible to edit. This new one is a Google site and I do Google. I am told there are rumblings of world domination by Google, but I'm not really that worried. If the world is so bad off that it will let itself be dominated by an entity with a name like Google, then we had better have it out and be done with it. God will sort it all out in the end anyway. Apocalypse, thy name is...Google?

So after we had lunch, we went to Lowes to do "the carpet business".
We picked out a gray that should look nice. We had wanted to do two rooms but we decided not to fork out the extra money. I want to be able to keep the credit cards paid off!
The installers will be here sometime in the next week.
There will be lots of pictures of the finished product after that.
I have been working in there trying to organize things and cleaning up around the edges of all the work.

Nina dropped Lilly off at Lowe's so we brought her home. And she was adorable, as usual.
Laura came down to the Cooke's to wait for baby #2 to make her debut.
We are hoping to get over there soon.

Lilly was here through dinner, then we had a great after dinner playtime. She went to bed around 8:00 and then the rest of us sat down to watch the first part of "Peter and Paul", since today we celebrated the conversion of St Paul. Our Paul surprised me by remembering all kinds of things about of the story of St Paul's life. He has never seen the movie, but he has read books, and I guess the details have really stuck with him.

Tomorrow is a school day and then the boys have dentist appointments. Oh Joy.
It is hard to let go of the weekend.

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