Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am doing my best to be open minded and hopeful about the new direction that our country is about to embark on. I am praying for the new president and for the challenges that he will face, and I am praying for our country, as we go through one of the toughest times we have been in since I have been alive.

I do have to comment on the Obama/Lincoln comparison track that the media has become so fond of.
There may be some exterior similarities. There may be a poetic sense in the fact that Obama is the first black president and Lincoln was the president that proclaimed the emancipation of African Americans in this country.
But I have to withhold my judgment in putting anyone on par with the great Abraham Lincoln.
I am going to need to see the works, not just the words.

Mr Obama,
Abraham Lincoln led this country through a war that ended with the declaration of personhood for a group of people who had been unjustly persecuted for hundreds of years. He had the fortitude and courage to stand on the side of the marginalized and oppressed.
Do you have that courage Mr Obama?
We share a grave similarity, at this time in our history, with the country that was then divided by slavery.
We are divided by the battle for the lives of the marginalized and oppressed in the womb. They are every bit as trapped by circumstance as any slave ever was. They are powerless to fight their own cause. Some brave folks are fighting it for them.
Will you stand on the side of the powerful and proud, or will you find it in your heart to defend the defenseless?
Until I can see that kind of comparison, I see only contrast.
Until you show me that you have taken to heart the lessons learned in that terrible time, I will never be able to see even the shadow of so great a man in your presidency. Legacies are made by heroes. Who is your hero, Mr Obama, and whose hero will you be?

We can only keep up the fight, and hope that you will join us.

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