Monday, February 22, 2010

A Heart for Heaven

As I write, little Baby T is making the way into the world...and into Heaven.

Renee had to be induced last night because she was bleeding very heavily. I know this must have been so scary for her and Shawn.
This precious person, that they have nurtured and loved within Renee's womb, will be born unable to take a first breath, but with all the dignity and respect that any person should be given.
It became apparent during Friday's ultrasound that the baby had multiple problems, the most serious being the lack of bronchial development, that would enable the lungs to fill.

Still, there is a strong heart, a hero's heart, because this baby has continued to grow and has become a member of our family and families all over the country.
We have all been praying and pulling for this little angel.

Renee and Shawn have given us the honor of sharing in a very special, and very difficult time.
I have had so many thoughts, emotions and prayers, and I know that many other people have too. So much has come from this time and circumstance, and it's all because two faithful people decided that God should be the one who decides when and where He will call His child home.

Renee could have told the doctors weeks ago that she wasn't willing to carry a baby with any issues at all. It's done all the time. Babies with far fewer problems than this are sought out and destroyed through prenatal tests designed to make sure that every baby is "born" healthy.
But Renee and Shawn have welcomed the gift that all of their children are to their family and to the world. So many people have been praying for Baby T, and so many people have seen God's hand at work in this, that I can only rejoice in the way God uses every circumstance for HIS glory...

Baby T, we love you and we thank you for all you have already done. You have had such an impact in your short time here, and we can't wait to know you in Eternity...

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