Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chuck, We ALL Love Ya!

The boys all have this wild obsession with anything Chuck Norris. Well, almost anything since there may be some movies out there that they aren't ready for yet.

The guy is unarguably a big screen hero, martial arts master, and all-around good guy.
I, however, have my own reasons for being a big fan.

Chuck is not only an on-screen hero, he is a solid, true-blue Pro-Life hero as well. He stands up for the little guy, and they don't get any littler than the unborn.

He has written an excellent piece at TownHall.com and he references the book in my last post by Abby Johnson.

It's definitely worth reading and considering. Share it! We may not be fighting an uphill battle forever!


Tim said...

Go, Chuck! STILL always a good example to our sons!

unknown said...

Mom, you know that I'M not obsessed with him!