Thursday, January 27, 2011

Major Snow Day!!!

Last night was amazing!
It snowed like crazy! It really caught a lot of drivers unawares.
There were cars abandoned all over the ramps and roads.
I was going to pick up Lilly from daycare, and I got about three driveways down, and the car started to slide. I just turned around. Lilly stayed safe and warm right where she was.

We sat in the house and waited to see if we were going to get to keep the power. There was a huge blue light that flashed across the neighborhood and it the power would go out and then it would reroute and come back on. That happened three times. The power did stay on though, and now that it has stopped snowing, we can see the ten or so inches that fell. It really is beautiful. I just hope they get the power back on all over soon. I can't stand the thought of people being without heat in this weather.

Nina did go to work, and then Red Lobster closed and she ended up having to go to a hotel in Owings Mills. I don't know if she ever got a room.  A lot of people weren't even that lucky. 12 people spent the night in a Royal Farms store in one place. One guy said it took him twelve hours to get home!

I guess we are just going to be home today. The boys can finish school quickly and then get out and play.
That's one great thing about homeschooling, we can have a school day and a snow day at the same time! the kids can play in the snow, and still finish the year by the middle of May.

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