Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Nina!

Today is Nina's birthday!
It is snowy outside, as it usually is on Nina's big day, but we had a nice dinner last night and she got her cake.
I am hoping that she has a really great day. Nina kind of has a record of having lousy birthdays.
On her first birthday the Challenger exploded.
O.K., I guess if you look at that as the bar, then all the others have actually been improvements!
It's just hard to have a party in the middle of winter. I can't count all the parties that were snowed out.
There have been some great ones too though.
Nina is going places. She is bright, determined, and her upbeat disposition always breaks through whatever clouds might be passing by. I am seeing it a lot more lately! There is so much to look forward to, Nina. The world is all yours!

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