Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Monday!

Really, it is!
Hard to believe, but the boys are just cooking through school today, and the housework is caught up, for the most part.
Brendan and Paul both have math tests today and Paul has already aced his, so he gets math off tomorrow. Brendan is halfway through, and he is looking like he is going to be on the same track.

Today we have Shakespeare and play practice at co-op over in Bel Air.
I am going to take the camera and get some shots for the Susquehanna Players blog.
The boys also have Tae Kwon Do tonight, for the first time in a week. The schools have been closed for the snow, so it's been canceled on those days. They are going to be tired tonight!

Tim worked all weekend, and it is looking like he will be at it until the wee hours tonight. I guess dinner is going to be rather quick and simple. Something that I can heat up for him when he gets home.

After we get home, I will go over to Lilly's daycare and pick her up. She'll play with her uncles until it's time for her to go to bed, and I pray that that will be quick and painless. She has more tenacity than any of the other kids!

Then Monday will be over!
It's not often that Monday can be defined as a great day.

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