Saturday, April 16, 2011

What We're Up To.....

We are a busy bunch around here! So much going on it's hard to breathe!
Yard work, housework, schoolwork, meetings, sports, work for Tim and Jen and play practices.

It's been alternately springlike and beautiful, and dark and brooding.
Today is one of the dark and brooding days. A good day for reading under the watchful eye of your cat.

Yesterday Maggie went to the groomer for a bath and brushout. I am still not up for the whole bath routine at home right now. It's not that expensive to send her out for it, and since I do all the haircuts on the guys, and I rarely have anything done with mine, I can justify having Maggie done and saving the pipes from piles of dog hair. She looks so nice when she is done....

and she is a much better pillow!

Today was Paul's opening day of baseball season. He looks so nice in his uniform....

The ceremony came off just fine, but the games were all rained out. Better luck next weekend.

Our big news is that Dad is here for Holy Week and Easter!
We are so happy to have him here.
I would say that it is strange to have him here without mom, but somehow she seems to be here....

We are looking forward to a wonderful week!

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