Monday, April 11, 2011

Where Do We Go?

Tonight I went to the grocery store to buy a card for my soon-to-be 11year old, Brendan.
I went to the Grocery Store, not the adult book store, not a tobacco shop or liquor store.
I had to look pretty hard to find anything suitable for a boy that age. On six racks I think there were four cards that I thought he might like.
Most of the cards that were there weren't even something I wanted to look at!
I can't believe how offensive greeting cards have gotten! Not just crude humor, but real honest to goodness trash. Is this really what most people need for a chuckle?

I have come to the conclusion that the kids shouldn't even be going to the grocery store with me any longer. There is no end to the assault on virtue. Seriously. Should it be that tough to find a way to keep kids from stumbling into things that even adults shouldn't be reading? In a grocery store?
My friend Paula has been fighting the management at this particular store over the placement of Cosmopolitan magazine at the checkouts, low enough for any child to have access. Maybe there aren't that many kids left that can read, but the words that peep over those ridiculous plastic covers aren't too hard to sound out. Why can't they move these to another location in the store? There is a magazine section devoted to all kinds of tripe, put it over there!
Why do we have to find ways to wrangle our kids through the porn gauntlet just to pay for the bananas? Why is there a candy-free aisle, but not a smut-free one? It's not that tough.

If women are serious about being treated with dignity, and men are serious about being sensitive and caring, then we need an opportunity to raise our children in an environment that isn't aggressively trying to instill the opposite perspective. I really don't think society is serious about any of that right now. Feminists talk a good game, but they are still OK with selling thongs to eight-year-olds, and teaching boys that sex is a recreation that doesn't hurt anyone, as long as you are "careful". What they are doing is selling out the young ladies and gentlemen that still have a chance to be fairly well adjusted, by making sure that every kid is exposed to the "opportunity" to be stripped of their innocence before adolescence.

Well I am just going to keep slogging through the visual sewer, by myself. I hope to raise boys that understand that there is untold treasure in a Godly relationship, and that a marriage can be the most incredible, most fulfilling experience they will ever have. Many of us can't go back and do it over, but we can certainly make sure that the young people coming along in the wake of our permissive generation, have the tools to find happiness in their vocations.

Who knows, maybe there will even be a time in the future when people will actually find humor in something that isn't related to a bodily function?

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Anonymous said...

Well Jen. Men have been asked to shut up in the USA. Evidently we are not supposed to have a voice or to speak out about any issue. The feminists have empowered themselves so well, that men have been just quietened down.

So while there are enough good men concerned about what has happened to our society and the values that our parents raised us with, whether conservative or liberal. (and yes, being conservative or liberal is not necessarily about sexuality or promiscuity on a scale, it is about an approach to the degree and pace of adjusting and calibrating our social values to the changing needs of society. While conservatives emphasize slowing the pace of change to caution against the attrition of values, the liberals do not wish for society to stagnate.)

So, am afraid, unless thoughtful and honest women like you create a group of similarly inspired men and women, and mount a concerted campaign, our media will continue to feed us contrarian and despicable ideas and images. Now, this recession, ironically, is the best time to do it, because there is less 'noise' in the media.

But as always, the question remains, who will bell the cat?
Cosmopolitan though, is an excellent place to start. So are Savvy, Redbook ... and there are many more such publications.

My best regards.