Friday, May 20, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bureau of Engraving

We had a really interesting tour of the Bureau of Engraving today.
No pictures, because cameras, cell phones, etc. are verboten, but I think the boys were quite impressed.
Stacks and stacks of millions of dollars can do that to a person.

I think the thing that I found the most interesting about the whole day happened on the bus that we had to take to get to the actual building where the tour takes place.

Laura had Claire, of course, and being a two week old baby, her thoughts turned to breastmilk the minute she exited the carseat. So, Laura proceeded to do what any loving mommy would do and began to breastfeed Claire before we were able to go into the complex.
There were a couple of school groups going through with us, and they were also waiting in front of the building. One of the teachers noticed Laura feeding the baby and became extremely uncomfortable.
As we got on the bus, she glared at Laura, and snapped at one of the boys in her group "Turn around!"

I found this extremely ironic, considering that these children have probably been learning about sex for the last three years, and yet the act of breastfeeding, which is the most natural use of a woman's anatomy, is frowned upon. How about giving children an environment in which the body is respected for it's natural beauty and the gift of sexuality, instead of teaching them to exploit each other "safely"?

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