Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our Boy of Summer

Paul is loving Baseball, and I am so glad!
He is just enjoying getting out on the field. He connects with the ball at bat occasionally, and he even catches it once in awhile.
I just think it is so cool that he doesn't feel pressured to perform, but is accepted by the team, and is making improvements at every practice and game. One of the most talented players on the team has been helping Paul with his throwing and catching.
I really feel like the spirit of Little League is alive in this team. The other players are pretty easy going and no one has an attitude of superiority. The coach is SO patient and he really takes all the kids for themselves, not for his own purposes, but for the good of the team. He just loves baseball.
I'm really glad that Paul is having a really good experience this year. I am encouraged about next year!

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