Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Home Off The Range

Well, we had a rip-roaring good time out in Texas!

birthday partyin',


and all around family lovin'.

Those Cookes are a wonderful family.
The girls are so well behaved and sweet.

They thoroughly enjoyed playing with the boys and we felt so blest to be able to have the time with them.
Claire is a little doll. She is going through the typical newborn adjustment, which turns the household upside down occasionally, but everyone seems to roll with it.

Laura was such a wonderful hostess. Probably a little too good sometimes, because she was trying to be a new mom, a sister, daughter, wife and mommy. That's a lot on anyone's plate. Newborns are exhausting, and Laura really gave us a wonderful visit, even though she probably felt like falling down half the time. You would never know it!

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