Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer is Officially HERE!

What a hot, gorgeous and fun filled weekend it has been!

Saturday we had a GREAT time at the Watkins Graduation/Birthday/First Communion party!

Matt Watkins was the Graduate/cook. He was celebrating heartily, along with his happy family, after completing his Master's at John's Hopkins.

Brendan and Paul got to hang out with their best buddy, Henry, who was the birthday boy, and John represented the family at Nora's first Communion, which we couldn't attend because Brendan and Paul had to serve at Mass at Good Shepherd.

Yesterday we went up to the pool for much of the afternoon. We all ended up a little pink, but it was such a great day!

Today we went back up to the pool and the boys ordered Pizza for dinner.
The weather was hot and perfect! The water has warmed up and it is just lovely!
Nina and Lilly joined us and it was a very nice start to our summer.

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