Saturday, November 26, 2011

11th Hour Advent...

It may have come to the attention of my friends and family, that I have been a little under the weather.
In fact, until this morning, I have been pretty much holed up in the house with one sick boy, or another, and then myself, for three weeks.
Needless to say, I haven't been able to do a whole lot of preparation for Advent, and every year I run into the same problem.
I end up running around looking for advent candles WAY too late. Last year I think I did the best. I had them a couple of weeks before.
The reason that I always run into this problem, is that a few years ago I decided that I was through with Advent taper candles. I hate trying to get them straight and then having them burn down before we are even half way to Christmas. I hate that they drip all over everything. So, I started buying nice big pillar candles. I would put them on a plate, with greenery, and they would last until Christmas, and after. I could burn them, one at a time until the middle of summer!
Unfortunately this year there is a dearth of purple, and pink, candles everywhere, unless you want to buy online and pay a ridiculous amount. I should have snatched them up in September! I have looked everywhere, and I was almost ready to buy plum, for the purple and strawberry, for the pink, in desperation.
So today, the day before Advent, I finally feel like I have the energy to get out and shop, and I also have finished my antibiotics, so I don't have to worry about sharing.
We started at a Walmart far, far away. In Fallston, to be exact. I had seen online that they had purple and pink pillar candles in stock. They didn't.
They did have this interesting votive candle holder, with five cups.
John said that an advent wreath doesn't have five candles, and that it looks like a "Catholic Menorah", which is fine with me.
I have actually seen Advent arrangements with five candles. You burn the purple and pink in order, and then you burn the white one on Christmas to celebrate the birth of Christ.
So I bought it, but they only had one beat up purple candle. I didn't buy it, because it was all broken, but I knew they had the right color somewhere.
So we headed to the next Walmart on our route. They had two purple and one pink. Oh and I bought a white. There were lots of those.
We had one more that we could try. I looked in the candle aisle and they had exactly two purple. I bought them both.
So it's a little different, but I like it, and we are ready for Advent, the new Roman Missal and a beautiful season!

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