Monday, November 7, 2011

A Nice Weekend

We had a great weekend!
On Saturday I went out first thing and got a haircut.
That was a much needed improvement! I went to the grocery store after that.
Tim and the boys were here at home working on the back yard. I missed getting pictures of the leaf raking activities this year.
I was blest to be able to attend a baby shower for my good friend, Celeste. She is due with her fourth little boy in a couple of months. It was so much fun, and there were so many really nice women there. Celeste has some wonderful friends.
I mowed when I got home, and then we had a nice dinner and the boys watched a movie with Tim.

Yesterday John and Tim went to Mass at Perry Point, and Paul and I went up to Good Shepherd. Brendan didn't go because he has a terrible cough. If he isn't better by Thursday, I am going to have to take him in. He doesn't have a fever, and the cough is just in his throat, so I am thinking allergies.

Tim and I went out to dinner last night to celebrate the end of my coaching class. It was really nice.
We went to Sakura, which is one of our favorites.
After dinner we went to Barnes and Noble, and I got a couple of books for Brendan and Paul. When I got home I ordered a book of piano music that John has been wanting.

We are in for a busy week. John is starting another round of braces, so he has to get his spacers put in.
I will be working with several people, but I am not getting paid for these. I have practice clients that I am coaching, and I am really enjoying that, it is a great way to hone my coaching skills and help them out at the same time! I am also working with a friend on getting a couple of rooms cleared.
I will be meeting with Nettie this week to figure out what my goals are for work.
I can't commit to much outside of coaching. We have to keep forging ahead on school. I have to keep my focus there. The boys are working hard, but it is really important to keep up the momentum.

I can't believe we are into the second quarter of school already!

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